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A Scientist's Approach


February 2021  |  Issue 1  |  Volume 1

What Will Be Our Saving Grace?

Help For Mississippians During Uncertain Times

We have entered yet another phase in our fight against COVID-19 in the U.S. and globally. For many months now, the frontline defenses against developing the disease COVID-19 have been: (1) Personal hygiene including vigilant hand washing, (2) social distancing, and (3) use of a facial mask when in public settings. Now, we have added large- scale vaccination to our “defense tool kit”. But vaccination brings its own set of challenges that our country must face, as it will be the largest vaccination program in our nation's history.

As COVID-19 cases begin to increase, we must remain vigilant in practicing what I like to call

Wash Your Hands, Wear Your Mask, Watch Your Distance."

"The Three W's: 

Washing Hands

Wash Your Hands

Practicing regular, good hand- washing technique for 20 seconds can virtually eliminate any viral particles that happen to find their way onto your skin. Of course when access to soap and water is not possible, applying a palmful of hand sanitizer (70% ethyl alcohol) by rubbing hands together until dry is recommended.

Lecture Room

Filtration materials found in facial masks provide an extremely effective, cost-effective method of preventing infectious individuals (even so-called “asymptomatics”) from passing the virus on to others by trapping viral particles.

Wear Your Mask

Social Distance

Watch Your Distance

The need for social distancing will continue as the months progress. Make sure to maintain a 6 feet distance between yourself and people that you may come in contact with.


A Scientist's Approach to...

Keeping You Well

In case you didn't know, there are local Mississippi Walmart pharmacy locations now offering COVID-19 vaccinations.

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