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Father, Research Scientist & Author

Cedric O. Buckley, Ph.D.

Brings a scientific approach to parenting in his soon to be published debut book entitled:

A Scientist's Approach to Honest Parenting

Dr. Buckley offers insights on parenting drawn from his extensive background as a university-trained, research scientist. Honest parenting as an "ordered process" builds upon the reality that children do not come with manuals. In place of excuses and feelings of ineptitude, fear, and guilt, Dr. Buckley presents the scientific method as a foundation upon which any honest adult can build an effective, rewarding parenting experience.

Book Release: Winter, 2021

A Re-readable Classic That Helps Parents and Children Go and Grow.

Five reasons to join the

Honest Parenting Revolution!

1. All children both need and deserve a truthful, compassionate world full of adults who model responsible, intentional parenting.

2. We, as honest parents, although refusing to be lulled into complacency of capitalism, still
seek an affirming community in which other adults also have the courage to fulfill their civic duty of teaching their own children humanity, preparing them to become global citizens and
functioning adults whose primary concern will never be how much more they have compared to their neighbors or the rest of the world.


3. This Honest Parenting community exists because there are innumerable pitfalls along the way that cause parents to falter: (1) provide practical tools from a formally trained research scientist to help other parents to make the most of “process” thinking; (2) provide access to like-minded parents across the country who also want to connect, share ideas and support other
parents; (3) provide consistent accountability to ensure we never quit or slack in OUR awesome stewardship roles we've been given.

4. Accountability matters. It is easy to lose focus, especially as we enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Honest Parenting matters...it matters a lot! So, when we lose our focus on accountability, it is quite useful when other parents are able to see our situation and then help us to see where we may be going "off message", "losing focus", "getting caught up", or just becoming plain old "burnt out". Whenever responsible, loving, compassionate parents are willing to help each other along the journey, everyone wins...especially our children!!

5. We're a fun group of people! Our physical lives here on earth do have a "shelf life"...we won't be in this world forever. Why not have fun by creating life-affirming connections with other parents, ensuring that we all can make our time here on this planet REALLY count, dammit!!

Become a part of the Honest Parenting Revolution!